DHL 2014 Copenhagen

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this years DHL 2014 event. It was one of the best yet! Attention entered 3 teams to complete the 25km relay race, ( 5 x 5km ). A big thanks to Martin and Sebastien for running twice in the event to cover the people that were not able to make it. Thanks to Sofie for arranging the event, the food and for cykling back to the office and getting the shirts that were fogotten! Thanks to Steffen for cooking all our food and for taking the flak from the other teams for making so much smoke in the camp. Congratulations to Niels Emme, Kalle, Johan, ´Dick and Mette for winning the Attention 2014 DHL Cup!
Sebastien completing his first lap of the 5km
Martin flying through is first 5km lap.
Our great intern, Dick giving it full power!
Rune from production proud of his new personal best
Steffen doing the dirty work getting all our burgers ready 🙂
And Mette B. relaxing in the after party!
See you all next year for the DHL 2015

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