Top 10 trends for digital transformation in 2017

We are moving towards the end of a year that has brought countless innovations and changes in the digital domain. But we are still asking the same difficult questions which are not always easy to provide unequivocal answers to: Which sectors will it be best to focus our energy on? What strategies should we use to attract the attention of potentiel clients? Which tools could help us stay relevant and useful to the end users? And how do we digitalize the entire business without losing ourselves?

To help you find the answers and take some of the digital transformatons into consideration, we give you a resume of Forbes 10 digital trends to be aware of in 2017:

  1. Adaptability is more vital to success than ever: Change is going to happen whether you pursue it or not—you only need to look at how the role of cloud computing in 2016 has evolved to be convinced.
  2. Growing importance of the user experience: Every touch point matters, and those leading the transformation should constantly be asking: “how are we removing friction and enhancing the experience for every customer?”- regardless of where they are in the journey.
  3. Innovation must happen rapidly: Proactive innovation is one of the best ways to stay competitive in an evolving marketplace. New technology needs to be assessed, tested, analyzed, and judged more quickly than ever before.
  4. Embrace the remote workforce: Young professionals prefer flexibility to compensation. Mobile technology and bandwidth proliferation allow businesses to connect with (and retain) top talent anywhere in the world.
  5. The advent of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): The booming success of the Pokémon GO AR app is a wakeup call to any business that hasn’t evaluated the potential of AR and VR. These technologies were once limited to the gaming realm, but they’re now easier to implement than ever before. See how Volvo use AR here
  6. Application program interfaces (API): Digital transformation inherently espouses shadow IT and the need for agility. New tools and technologies need more than one avenue for viability—otherwise, their value quickly drops.
  7. Big data and analytics: The importance of big data in the business world can’t be overstated.
  8. Digital transformation is driven by the Internet of Things (IoT): Speaking of how invaluable big data is to marketers, the IoT offers immeasurable insight into customer’s mind.
  9. Smart machines and artificial intelligence (AI) are taking off in a big way: Our relationships with technology continues to evolve. Soon machines will be able to learn and adapt to their environments.
  10. Destroying silos. Traditional solutions are more multidimensional and technology CANNOT be used as a crutch. A focus on breaking down silos, will give innovation more room to flourish and collaboration becomes easier.


This was a resumé of a Forbes article writte by Daniel Nyman Aug 30, 2016. You can read the whole article here.

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