A day on low volume production

It was a sunny Thursday autumn afternoon when 130 product managers, engineers and designers attended Attention’s and IDA Materialeteknologi’s seminar on Low Volume Production at beautiful KADK in Copenhagen.

The seminar’s presentations ranged from a focus on the small – even single item – productions, to the large scale productions, and was rounded off with 10 concrete recommendations for those aspiring to move from small to large scale production.

The atmosphere was joyous when Erik Haastrup Müller, Founder of Futation, kicked offthe event by presenting several new prototype materials. The audience was here given the chance to touch and see the products of the future. 3D ceramic printing made a particularly big impression on the crowd with its endless opportunities. “We may not even have to brush our teeth in the future because this technology makes it possible to exchange our teeth every 15 years!” Erik pointed out.

Around 130 guest were attending the seminar

Mikkel Holst from UNDERBROEN was next up. He shared the many opportunities within co-creation and the sharing of tools and machines for the purpose of ‘creating the future’ as they do it in San Francisco. His main message was that ideas are meant to be shared, and the future of fabrication does not lie in machines, but in ideas. He also pointed out that this may be the main challenge for the businesses of tomorrow when using a collective lab like UNDERBROEN. Because how will they learn from the others, if they are not willing to share their own unique ideas?

Alistair David Morton speaks about prototyping for testing

Alistair Morton rounded off the first half of the day with an energetic presentation on the process of producing first 1, then 5, then 10, then 60 and finally 200 rescue ladders for the Danish harbours. He gave the audience an exclusive insight into what effect the quantity of items has on the production method.  Alistair’s presentation inspired a lot of questions, so luckily there was plenty of time to get more information during the break – both from Alistair and the different stalls with 3D printers and other types of prototyping.

After the break, the focus switched to large scale production.

Morten Frandsen from Idé-Pro started off with a clever and informative presentation on the different production methods that Idé-Pro offer which are beneficial for small scale production. This was followed by Palle Gravgaard from Cobham SATCOM’s talk about making advanced products in very small batches.

The day ended with Rune Larsen’s 10 recommendations for how to avoid the potential pitfalls when moving from small to large scale production – and judging by the audiences great enthusiasm and interaction with the presentations throughout the day, the seminar was a great success, which we will definitely consider hosting again next year.

We would like to thank Maibrit Andersen for facilitating the event and Sarah Rytter for skillful and efficient project management. Additionally, we would like to thank the six presenters for taking a day out of their calendar and sharing their expertise with us. Last but not least, a huge thank you to the many positive and curious guests that participated – we hope to see you again next time!

KADK served as beatiful surroundings for the event. Here at the coffee break.

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