Get ready for a drone-filled future

For now, many of us usually think of drones as airborne units used for military or recreational purposes. But that’s quickly changing, as drones are taking on many new shapes and functions.

The interest in drones has grown tremendously over the last couple of years; some even talk about an emerging drone culture. In the future we’ll not only be seeing more aerial drones, but also drones on land, on water and even sub water.

Drones are being developed for still more different purposes, and they’re increasingly helping out in areas previously unimagined. That includes taking over some of the tasks previously carried out by humans, which, in turn, can save a lot of resources, and even human lives.

Attention went to a Pop-Up Lab in Lund, Sweden, to experience some of the latest trends in drones and how they are used by business to create unique value. See some of the fascinating – and maybe even surprising – examples in the gallery below.



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