Come and see the very best of Danish design from the past 15 years

On March 11, Designmuseum Danmark open their doors to their new exhibition Danish Design Now. Contrary to many of their other exhibitions, this one puts the spotlight on contemporary Danish design.

From classic to contemporary

Danish design is most famously known for its ‘Golden Age’ in the 50’s and 60’s. But with their new permanent exhibition, Dansk Designmuseum wants to change that by illustrating how Danish designers embrace design at every level – from urban design to experimental handcrafts.

The exhibition portrays a wide selection of objects, all created by Danish designers in the 21st century. The selection is the very best of Danish design from the past 15 years. And to keep its contemporary focus, the exhibition will be updated with new objects every year, and only products that are still in production are exhibited.

The objects represent the full spectrum of Danish design: from furniture and graphic designs to industrial and everyday products such as wireless routers and Bluetooth devices. Some designs focus on fashion, while others focus on sustainability.

What’s on display?

There are over 300 design exhibits in total. These include a wide range of products, as well as sketches and models to provide further insight into the design process, which serves as a prelude to the exhibition itself.

In addition to this, it will also be possible to learn about the design process through 20 newly produced interviews with selected designers. One of these is Attention’s Founding Partner, Henrik Jeppesen.

When the exhibition opens, 12 of Attention’s products will be on display. Navigate through the slideshow below to see the products.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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