#SetUpYourTeam – Improve each other’s deliveries

Bring designers and engineers closer together by establishing a culture of trust and shared ownership, is Martin Pråmes next advice for building your team.

Make sure that the shared involvement from the early stages extends throughout the development process:

Improve each other’s deliveries

Try to establish a culture where people trust each other with their work.

A screenshot of a CAD model might be enough to convey what the engineer is trying to explain about a concept. However, a designer is able to tweak that screenshot to where it tells a richer story. It could, for example, be by using Photoshop techniques to make the materials come to life or removing distracting elements.

The engineer, on the other hand, could help the designer formulate arguments for why one design concept is better than another one. It may be easier to produce, less material is needed, it’s more suited to the logistics setup, etc. Maybe a quick calculation or simulation of the mechanical strength is what the design concept needs to become something the client will love.

Try to establish a culture where people trust each other with their work.

To do this, there can be no prominence in the workplace. No mine and yours. No engineers vs. designers. Just a team working together by putting all of their competencies to the best possible use.

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