#SetUpYourTeam – Into the unknown

To get the most out of designers and engineers working together, you need them to explore each other’s professional areas.

Martin Pråme, Managing Partner at Attention, shares his next piece of advice on setting up your team of engineers and designers:

Into the unknown

I see design and engineering as two very distinct and separate disciplines. Sure, they overlap in several areas and activities. But for the most part, they are unmistakably different from one another.

For this reason, I don’t believe in trying to teach a designer how to do tolerance chain analysis or in teaching someone who is passionate about engineering how to make dry pastel renderings. However, studying each other’s focus areas and subjects is time well spent.

For engineers, this could mean joining in on user research activities, studying the client’s brand guidelines or getting involved in the ergonomics work. Conversely, designers have a lot to gain from visiting manufacturing facilities, getting involved in testing and verification and understanding logistics and supply chains.

This makes for well-informed team members, which, in turn, leads to better decision-making in the development process.


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