#SetUpYourTeam – The right people

When developing great new products, you want talented designers and engineers who are not just great on their own. They need to be great together! But how do you make that happen?


Martin_PråmeWe can all agree that you’ll get better products when you have industrial designers and engineers working seamlessly together. Getting there, however, is an entirely different thing.

Here, and in five more posts, Martin Pråme, Managing Partner at Attention, shares some of his advice for setting up your team to work together across different fields of competence.

First, it’s about finding the right people:

The right people

Not all designers are created equal and the same goes for engineers. The person’s background, experience, education, area of interest and several other factors may affect their ability to integrate well with other fields of competence.

“What happens before the stage where I get involved?”, “What happens with the work I deliver?”

When building a team, be on the lookout for naturally curious people. While they should of course be skilled in their area of expertise, they should also be interested in all the neighbouring areas as well: “What happens before the stage where I get involved?”, “What happens with the work I deliver?”, etc.


Next: The physical mix

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