Danish Design Award: Celebrating the value of good design

Good design can make a difference in many ways. Danish Design Center and Design Denmark are now creating awareness around this by reviving “Den Danske Designpris” as Danish Design Award.

Great design has many benefits. It has the power to initiate growth, increase the pace of product development, help save resources, create sustainable solutions and increase life quality for the individual – just to name a few.

Danish Design Award sets out to celebrate just that. On April 7, awards will be given in 15 different categories to designers who practice the art of “thinking different”, and who understand how to craft design that creates value.


A new conception of design

The awards were formerly known as “Den Danske Designpris.” Back then, the focus was mainly on innovative products. The concept has now changed, because the conception of design has developed over time.

Today, many companies have realized that design is much more than creative thoughts – it creates value. Some of today’s largest companies thrive on this conception. For example, brands like Nike and Apple experience continuous growth because they understand how to meet their users’ needs by uniting design with functionality.

Simultaneously, modern designers often have a broad spectrum of backgrounds, and it is typically the cooperation between many different professions that create the best solutions. For that reason, Danish Design Award also encourages working across different professions to find the best solutions that incorporate several perspectives. Ultimately, they wish to raise the bar for what design is, and how it can contribute to problem-solving.

The platform Podio unites technology, service and design to create a better workflow for its users, and thus adds value by helping teams work more effectively.

14 jury members, 15 categories

This year, 14 Danish and international experts have been selected as the jury. They all contribute with different business experience and design competencies. Among these experts is Henrik Jeppesen, Founding Partner of Attention Group, who joins the jury as ambassador of the Daily Life category. This category sets out to find a design solution that improves life quality for the individual or family as a whole, either at home or out and about.

The jury’s goal is to find the winner based on what effect the product has. There are a total of 15 different categories to compete in, and they all focus on form, function and the creation of value. The first 11 categories are divided into three overall areas: business, individual and society. The purpose of this division is to show the design’s importance at all levels. The remaining four categories are: icon award, visionary concepts, young talent and people’s choice.

Ross Lovegrove’s light tunnel designed for Velux

These categories include design solutions that help reduce costs without compromising on quality, such as 3B Cart System’s design for SAS and Copenhagen Airport; solutions that show how to save resources and take advantage of the shared economy trend, like the baby apparel company VIGGA; and solutions that simply appeal to people’s emotions and provide sublime experiences, like Lovegrove Studio’s natural light tunnel for Velux.

Read more about Danish Design Award here.

The deadline for registration is February 10.


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