MedTrace wins Danish Tech Challenge

Back in August 2015, twenty high-tech startup companies moved into the Scion DTU research park to participate in the Danish Tech Challenge. Yesterday, MedTrace was announced winner of the challenge.

The Danish Tech Challenge, a collaboration between Scion DTU and the Danish Industry Foundation, is a development program for Danish tech-startups that focuses on bringing new, hardware solutions to the market. The participants go through an intense program, working with both product and business development, while they receive coaching from mentors and specialist with extensive experience in their fields.

The winning company, MedTrace, has developed several new safety features for blood flow imaging using PET scanners. Besides from top level engineering skills, the jury points to MedTrace’s strong commercial understanding in their motivation for MedTrace winning the challenge.

At Attention, particularly one person has been following MedTrace closely. Founding Partner Henrik Jeppesen has been serving as mentor for the MedTrace-team during the program, and he’s thrilled about all the potential he’s seen:

“It’s really exciting to get to know these startups and see how rich we are on talent, knowledge and great ideas. There are a lot of successful new companies on the way, we just need to make sure to give them right support and coaching.”

Visit Scion DTU (in Danish) for more about the Danish Tech Challenge, or to learn more about the winners.


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