Henrik Jeppesen joins the jury for Danish Design Award 2016

When the best of Danish design is celebrated at the Danish Design Award this April, Henrik Jeppesen, Founding Partner at Attention, will be participating as one of the jury members.

And he’s thrilled to be part of what he describes as “probably this year’s most important initiative for Danish design”. Particularly, he’s excited that the Danish Design Award aims to embrace and reflect the many aspects of how design creates value:

“Internationally, design has gained solid recognition as a driver for growth and innovation, not only in products but also in business strategies and public services. So of course we should promote and celebrate the Danish design-DNA”, Henrik Jeppesen explains.

Daily Life’ – solutions that improve everyday life

As a former juror at the IF Design Award, Henrik Jeppesen is not new to this role. At the Danish Design Award 2016, he’ll be jury member and ambassador for the ‘Daily Life’ category, which is focusing on how design can significantly improve the practical, social, aesthetic or tactile side of everyday living.

Henrik Jeppesen himself has more than 25 years of experience developing products for consumers as well as industrial users. Among them are the iconic TEDDY mixer, designed for Wodschow & Co, and a series of wastewater pumps designed for Grundfos and awarded with the Danish Design Prize in 2004.

Visit danishdesignaward.com to see the rest of the jury members and learn about the other 14 award categories.

TEDDY, designed for Wodschow & Co

This image is protected by the law of copyright ¤1 © Misfeldt Reklamefotografi - Videoproduktion Liv¿vej 18 DK-8800 Viborg tlf: +45 86 62 36 88 fax: +45 86 62 10 20 Please note that this scan have not been proofed to cromalin or matchprint. We therefore suggest that this image should be matchprinted before production, either as a dye-sub, rainbow, matchprint or cromalin. Just so that the image before and after separation will match the costumers expectations.

Designed for Grundfos, awarded Danish Design Prize 2004



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