Virtual Reality made easy and accessible – 2015’s most inspiring

The final item on our list of inspiring products from 2015 is something you can even make yourself.

Google Cardboard: Virtual Reality made easy and accessible

GoogleCardboard2One technology that saw a remarkable development in the recent year is Virtual Reality. With several new headsets and systems set to launch in the first half of 2016, we’re about to see exciting new perspectives for not only gaming, but also education and entertainment.

An exciting look into this new world is already available, thanks to Google’s Cardboard concept, a very simple and cheap solution that transforms your smartphone into a VR-headset. The hardware part of the setup is in its most basic form really is just a set of instructions on how to create your own hardware out of cardboard, two lenses and a magnet along with a few elastic bands and Velcro. For those of us less handy, there are several versions available, that just needs to be assembled.

GoogleCardboard3The other part is the software that will let you view compatible content on your smartphone’s screen. That could be Google’s own Cardboard-app or one of the numerous apps that offers immersive experiences on anything from sightseeing trips to rollercoaster rides and zombie games, or a range of different music and journalistic content.

Of course, Google Cardboard will not offer the same experience as the more expensive solutions we’ll see in the new year. But it does offer an interesting and accessible solution to making digital experiences more captivating and lively.










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