The most inspiring products of 2015

With the end of the year closing in, it’s also time for “Top of the year”-lists: The best designs, the most innovative ideas and, of course, new technologies.

Over the next few weeks, we want to point to some of the products that we find most inspiring as they combine great design and engineering to create better functionality and user experiences.

What’s particularly inspiring about these products is that they’re also translating some of the new trends and technologies that everybody seems to be talking about (but only a few manage to truly make the most of) into attractive and useful product features.

1. Tesla Motors: Upgrades that transform your car

2. Philips Hue: Smart home-lighting made simple

3. Nebia showerhead: Better showers with less water

4. IKEA: Furniture with built-in wireless charging

5. Baha 5: An elegant hearing device




6. Google Cardboard: Virtual Reality made easy and accessible
Google Cardboard








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