An elegant hearing device – 2015’s most inspiring

For the fifth item on our ‘2015’s most inspiring’-list, we have been through our own portfolio.

Baha 5: An elegant hearing device

Baha_5_hand_webAdvances in medicine and technology have made it possible to bring out a stream of assistive devices to help people with different types of impairments and disabilities. As exciting and inspiring as that is, it has often been with a somewhat one-sided focus on the technology at the cost of the user experience.

However, the interest in design and user experience in medical products has gained traction in the last couple of years. One example of how this leads to shifts in the way products are developed, is the Baha 5 sound processor, designed by Attention for Cochlear.

The redesign of the Baha sound processor was based on Cochlears increased awareness to their users’ preferences and request for a more visually appealing device. The final design is based on thorough research with user as well as doctors to create a more user friendly device, that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easier to use.

Add to that a smartphone app that lets the user control the device and even stream phone calls and music directly to the sound processor, and you get a beautiful device and improved user experience. Learn more about the process behind the Baha 5 here.



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