Built-in wireless charging – 2015’s most inspiring

Today’s item on our list of 2015’s most inspiring products is a solution that could help make wireless charging much more relevant and simple.

ikea-wireless-charging-2IKEA: Furniture with built-in wireless charging

As we grow more and more dependent on smartphones and tablets, easy and convenient charging is becoming a universal issue. Wireless charging seems an obvious answer to that, and plenty of companies are already offering solutions.

Generally, the solutions still involve wireless charging stations that’ll take up space and need to be plugged in. But furniture-giant IKEA has introduced a different approach that could make for a more seamless integration of wireless charging in our living spaces.

20154_wccp03a_create_your_own_wireless_PH124115While also offering more traditional charging pads, IKEA has introduced a range of side tables and lamps with built-in charging pads, allowing you to get wires completely out of the way. If you’re not a fan of IKEA design – and don’t have an issue with modifying your existing furniture – there’s even a wireless charger that can be built into your own table or dresser.


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