Better showers with less water – 2015’s most inspiring

What could be more inspiring than a product that helps save scarce resources and provide a better user experience while doing it?

A showerhead that makes you wetter with less water

Using the Nebia is more like stepping into a mist than a stream of water.

Showerheads that help you save water are not exactly a new thing. The issue with most of them, however, is that the user will notice the reduced water consumption not only on the water bill but also while in the shower.

A solution to this issue was successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year. The Nebia showerhead atomizes the water, creating more droplets and a larger surface area of the water, while reducing water consumption by as much as 70 %.

The key for Nebia was to focus on the showering experience rather than the water-saving experience. Using the showerhead is more like stepping into a mist of water than into a stream of water – and, supposedly, it’s also better for your skin.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the shower head also looks good – and is designed and manfucatured to be easy to install. For a more technical walkthrough of how the Nebia showerhead works, visit Wired.

The infographic below puts the potential water savings in perspective.



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