Simple, smart home-lighting – 2015’s most inspiring

The second item on our list of 2015’s most inspiring products is a simple starting kit for anyone who wants to upgrade their home lighting.

Philips Hue: Smart home-lighting made simple

Hue_WDK_remote_control.0Products for the smart, connected home are among the fastest growing new categories in consumer electronics. And in 2015 we’ve seen great efforts to integrate eg. lighting, thermostats and video surveillance in more or less shared interfaces.

If you just want to get started with easy, dimmable lighting for your home, however, installing hubs and apps can quickly get a little too complicated to be worth the effort. The answer to that dilemma could be the dimming kit introduced by Philips Hue earlier this year.

Rather than requiring wifi-setup and apps, the dimming kit is self-contained, combining the well-known Hue light bulb with a battery operated dimming remote. The installation could hardly be more user friendly: Screw the light bulbs in the socket, mount the base plate for the remote on the wall. The remote itself is detachable so it can be moved around.

Of course, it’ll take more effort – and devices – to get the full smart lighting experience, but this solution is an obvious way for most people to get started easily. For more on what you can – and can’t – do with the dimming kit, visit Philips Hue.



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