Upgrades that transform your car – 2015’s most inspiring

Over the next few weeks, we’re pointing to some of the most inspiring product news of 2015. First on our list are some exciting new perspectives for upgrading cars with new features.

Tesla Motors: Upgrades that transform your car

tesla-model-s-autopilot-software-70Tesla Motors presented some exciting new products in 2015; from their new Model X SUV to the Tesla Powerwall. While the two products are exciting in themselves, what really caught our attention is how Tesla introduced not only fixes but also completely new features to existing cars with software updates.

From the beginning, Tesla has set out build cars in a different way. And with two new software updates – or rather upgrades – we got to see some of the perspectives: Besides from regular firmware updates, Tesla also upgraded the performance of some of their models with the introduction of the Ludicrous Mode speed update (a follow up to last year’s Insane Mode). And in the fall, Tesla introduced new automated driving capabilities with the Driver Assist update.



The updates utilize the cars’ existing sensor technology to make completely new features available, showing some  really inspiring perspectives on how to make products that can be improved over their lifetime. It also shows how the Internet of Things  and ‘Big Data’ can be used intelligently to improve products and user experiences.

If you’re curious to learn more about Tesla’s updates, have a look at Tesla’s own presentation right here.


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