Rehabilitation Robot ROBERT

Across the world, our society is going through a demographic change. People are living longer, which presents a challenge to the healthcare system and the staff involved.
Health is a valuable commodity but in tomorrow’s health care, there will be fewer hands to take care of an increasing amount of patients. To counteract this problem, many innovative technologies and products are being developed to take over the most arduous tasks and workflows within the health industry. Robots in various configurations may be the helping hand needed to create a more beneficial working environment for both staff and patients.

robertWhat is ROBERT?

One example of an innovative idea that supports hospital staff and simultaneously delivers a reliable service to patients is “ROBERT”. ROBERT is a robot, which was designed by the company Robot ApS, to provide comprehensive, high quality care to the patient as well as assistance to the health personnel, working in the rehabilitation process of bedridden patients.

It is a technology which complements rehabilitation training by assuring enough exercise by the patient. It offers flexible training options for bedridden patients, thereby improving their overall health condition.




Using robots to relieve health personnel

Rehabilitation of bedridden patients can be physically exhausting for health personnel. PhysiotherapieWith the assistance of a robot though, the strain of the health workers’ job is being taking out.
Executing rehabilitation is demanding and hard work.
Heavy, repetitive lifting and standing in uncomfortable positions, can result in injuries, such as pain in the back, loin, wrists and shoulders.

By allowing a robot to perform some of the manual processes more frequently and extendedly in the rehabilitation course, the health personnel is unburdened and has more time to focus on the patient’s needs.

This ensures, that patients actually achieve more rehabilitation in a shorter time and therefore regain their strength more quickly. The patient can return to the labor market faster. With this, not only the hospital saves costs but also the economy as a whole can benefit.


A helping hand in spite of limited resources

ROBERT was not designed to replace the nursing staff, but besides relieving the hospital staff from lifting, it helps them to be able to carry on other tasks. Since the health professionals daily time and resources are limited, a helping hand from ROBERT gives the staff the opportunity to perform other time-consuming nursing tasks and taking care of multiple patients at the same time.

daf24b6a8fcc1d24aec6660ec98eb9a4ROBERT is being programmed to perform suitable exercises with the patients and help them to regain muscles. Staff will still be present in order to program the robot according to the patients’ needs and to observe the procedure.

ROBERT will soon be completed and is undergoing final testing before it will occupy the market to create new value for many hospitals in the country and helping patients with the rehabilitation of muscles, tendons, joints and bones.


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