Medica – meetingpoint for experts in the medical industry

Ever since MEDICA was founded in 1968 as a regional fair for doctors and hospital needs, it has been growing. Today, it’s one of the most important medical trade fairs and the biggest event in the medical industry with many international visitors, exhibitors and experts.

This year, Attention Group will also be at MEDICA, promoting awareness on the importance of design when developing medical products.

What is MEDICA about?

MEDICA offers the opportunity, as an international meeting point and business platform, to spread and exchange knowledge of medical know-how, see the trends within the medical industry and the chance to see the worldwide competition with their global product offerings

Capture2The main product categories at the MEDICA include:

  • Electro medicine and medical technology
  • Information and communication technology
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Diagnostics
  • Physiotherapy and Orthopedic technology
  • Single-use and consumer items
  • Medical services and publications

Inherent parts alongside the trade fair are the “MEDICA conferences and forums”, which make the exchange of experience amongst each other possible through symposiums, workshops and lectures.


CaptureThe conferences consist of:

MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE focuses on the link between science and medical technology and provides doctors with the latest findings for their day-to-day work with their patients

MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE provides special expert information for physiotherapists, sports physicians and orthopedists, and enables interdisciplinary expert dialogueCapture1

MEDICA SPORTS & MEDICINE CONFERENCE where international participants from sport and prevention medicine can take advantage of the expertise of the speakers, moderators and keynote speakers and guided innovation tours.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DISASTER AND MILITARY MEDICINE where top-class representatives of the armed forces from all across the world present the latest findings of disaster medicine

EUROPEAN HOSPITAL CONFERENCE and the German Hospital Conference.


Meet Attention at MEDICA

Attention is one of the new companies to attend MEDICA in 2015. You can meet us between the 16th and 19th November 2015 in Hall 16/D41 and get closer insights into innovative product development with a design perspective.

Find out why Attention is going to MEDICA in these comments  from Henrik Jeppesen, Founding Partner at Attention, and Anders B. Kiertzner, Head of Research and Insights.




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