Developing solutions for renewable energy

At Attention we’re always excited to work with ideas and concepts that have the potential to make the world cleaner and more sustainable.

Sometimes this involves using relevant technologies for optimizing new products for better resource efficiency. In other cases, the objective is to design and engineer solutions around a specific technology.

Here are a two cases where Attention got to do just that – in a big way!

Designing for the complexity of wave power conversion

One of the major challenges that everyone working with wave power has to consider, is the fact that the wave energy converters by definition need to function in a very harsh environment. That was also the circumstance when Attention started developing a complete concept design for the Wave Star structure.

wavestar_jackThe complex nature of the machine itself posed a significant challenge to Attention’s designers. The objective was not only to develop a concept design that was aesthetic; it also involved deep analysis of user needs including maintenance, survival at sea, access points from air and sea, and crane module integration.

At the same time, materials were carefully selected to prevent decay and corrosion and to maintain the clean energy look despite the extreme location in some of the world’s harshest weather conditions.

The concept is being tested and further developed. Read more here or visit WaveStar to learn about the current project status.

Making wind turbines more competitive through design

vestas_112v_engineeringAs one of the world’s leading supplier of wind energy technology, Vestas is continuously working to increase their competitiveness and reduce the cost of wind energy.

In order to make wind energy even more attractive, Vestas knows the importance of not only focusing on the energy-output but also the cost associated with acquiring and operating a wind turbine. Therefore, Vestas challenged Attention to find innovative solutions to production and logistics optimization.

Attention’s designers and engineers set out to unite perfect form and function, targeting access hatches, cooling tower, turbine blades and much more to optimize every tiny detail for more efficient production, easier transportation and better performance and reliability.

Read more about the development of the V112 wind turbine and other cases from Attention.


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