LED lights: From energy savings to new products

A significant source for reducing electricity consumption has been the adaption of LED lighting. From private homes to offices, retail areas and street lights. And LED-technology has seen massive development, not only as the replacement for incandescent light bulbs but also in terms of new functionality and opportunities.

Smart lights for changing occasions

Lumen-bulb-LEDOne of the interesting new product categories coming from this is “smart” LED light bulbs. The best known is probably the Philips Hue, but many other companies are competing to define the new market and launch new products and concepts that let the user control the light in almost any imaginable way.

When connected to a smartphone app or remote controller, the LEDs in the light bulbs makes it possible to adjust not only brightness but also the color of the light. This can be used to customize lighting for different moods or times of day.

Solar powered rescue ladder in the dark

When Trygfonden decided on the solution from architects Techturup for a new rescue ladder to be used in Scandinavian harbors, integrated lightning for better safety was one of the key features. Furthermore, the lights needed to be powered – via a battery – by solar panels.

rescue-ladder_topWith very little daylight during the Scandinavien winters, this requires a very energy efficient solution. Combining the latest technologies in LED-lighting and solar power, along with custom circuit boards to control the power distribution, Attention’s engineers were able to solve the puzzle.

Read more about the rescue ladder here.

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