Meet Attention and 5.999 other expert companies at the hi-Expo in Herning

Attention has been invited to share insights and expertise on innovation processes in product development at the hi Technology and Industry Expo 2015.

Henrik Jeppesen, CEO, and Alistair Morton, Engineering Director, both partners at Attention, will give inspirational lectures on how to manage and lead innovation processes with experts from different fields, and how to approach users to gain surprising and innovative perspectives in product development.

We’ll also showcase some of our recent projects, and we’re looking forward to exchange ideas and thoughts on how to approach product development in an innovative way.

Visit us at the Walk of Innovation

Visit us at our stand at the Walk of Innovation and see how we are combining design, engineering and manufacturing to create innovative products for companies  in various industries.

It’s free to visit the hi-Expo, and you can register and print your ticket here.

Feel free to contact Henrik Jeppesen in advance if you want to schedule a meeting during the expo. We look forward to meeting you.


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