Sprout Talent Week: Urban innovation in the Smart City

At the Sprout Talent Week – a multidisciplinary knowledge festival in Copenhagen running from August 17th-21st – students, entrepreneurs and organizations meet to collaborate on urban innovation, exchange ideas and perspectives, and initiate new holistic solutions.

This year’s theme is Smart City, and the festival aims to transform the fairly new and broad term into specific challenges, tangible business cases and inspirational talks.

One of the contributors will be Attention CEO Henrik Jeppesen. On Thursday, he’ll give a talk about how to test and improve your ideas and concepts with the help of prototypes, data collection and user interaction.

Labs: Hacking and sensing the city

henrik_explains2The Sprout Talent Week will also host two “labs”, where participants will work together to collect, interpret and use data to create new concepts supporting the Smart City theme.

Here, Henrik Jeppesen is also participating, this time as part of the jury. Along with the other jury members, he’ll evaluate and provide feedback on the concepts developed in the “Sensing the City”-lab.

Read more about Sprout Talent Week here.

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