It’s time to upgrade your backyard football setup!

To many kids – and playful parents – summer means hours of football games at home in the garden. Thanks to the guys at Munin Sport, you can now make it even more fun and challenging.

prepareMunin is dedicated to bringing a new generation of innovative training equipment to football players everywhere, and has already had enormous success with their M-station rebounder. Last year, they set out to develop a football goal specifically for practice and play in the backyard.

munin-wsSeeing that football goals haven’t really changed for over 40 years, there clearly was a lot of potential for innovation and improvement. So Munin teamed up with Attention to figure out what the perfect goal for the backyard would look like.

Development of the new goal was initiated in a private garden, when the design team gathered to observe a bunch of kids and their parents playing football. The workshop produced a lot of insights about how to make football practice more fun and improve skill development.

P1050092Moreover, engaging with the parents revealed key practical concerns about having a football goal placed on your back lawn, next to flowerbeds – and neighbors.

Many hours of design, engineering and testing later, the insights have been turned into the Munin Strive: A football goal with built-in target practice, a discreet and lawn friendly design and an optional catcher-net to keep the neighbors safe and happy.

Check out the video below to see the many innovative features for yourself. And if it makes your feet itch, visit Munin Sports to learn more.

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