Free seminar: Product development for entrepreneurs

At Attention we’re constantly inspired by people with great ideas for new products – and we’re always excited to share our insights and enthusiasm about the many aspects of product development.


An entrance to product development

This September, we’ll be hosting seminars on product development for entrepreneurs and small startups in collaboration with Ivækst, a Danish business portal for entrepreneurs.

The seminar will include an introduction to the various steps in the product development process – from research and design to engineering and production – and case presentations.

Talk to an expert about it!

Afterwards, two one-on-one-sessions will give room for aspiring product developers to discuss their ideas, questions and challenges.

The seminar is held at our Copenhagen office near Nyhavn on September 10, 2015

Learn more and register for the seminar at (in Danish).

(If you don’t have an account with Ivækst, you’ll need to sign up as a user (don’t worry, it’s free) to register for the seminar.)

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