Martin judged to excellence at Venture Cup in Sweden

As Innovation Director at Attention, Martin Pråme has many diverse tasks. One of them is to help ensuring the future in product development and innovation.

Venture-Cup_awardsHe does this in many ways, including the prestigious annual Venture Cup in Sweden.

At Venture Cup you meet and experience the entrepreneurs that are driven to excel in this business start-up competition, based on the best idea, the best implementation and best business plan.

Four winners in each their category

There are four general categories to win in at the southern Swedish version.

In the category of Life Science & Technology the Carbiotix team won.

This highly competent team is solving a huge problem, improving the lives of both rich and poor.” The jury were impressed by the way of incorporating strong social responsibility in their business model – forcing any investor to act in doing good and making profit in the same time. With great market signals and response from potential investors, the jury proudly presented Carboitix as the winner of Venture Cup South 2015

The winners from the category People & Society was Rude Food –

Zeenath Hasan from Rude food.

We are upgrading food that farmers, distributors, shops and restaurants would throw out for use in our own restaurant on Mitt Möllen. Our vision is to get rid of food waste in Sweden and get people to reconsider their views on food and expenses,

said Zeenath Hasan from Rude food.

The winners of the category Environment and Energy were Ola Rickardsson and Johan Larsson. They have developed a business plan for Agro Novum which helps farmers to optimize the amount of seed, fertilizer and pesticides used in production.

In the category of Web, Software and Media the victory went to Lifesymb which has developed a tool where you can film yourself with a 3D camera, and get to know your own physical limitations and risks of injury.

Semi-finals and final finals

Venture Cup is a non-profit organization that has existed since 1998 and consists of four regional organizations in Sweden. Venture Cup Syd include – in addition to Skåne – also Blekinge and Småland. Twice a year designated southern Sweden’s best business plan.

United – happy winners from each category

Parallel to the finals of the Venture Cup Syd, three other regional finals were settled. Winners from these competitions will be participating in Sweden-finals of the Venture Cup, which takes place on 15 June ‘15 in Stockholm.

The hope is always that a company from the South Region will get to the final. “Last year, when the finals were in Umeå, we sent three companies, it was fun”,

said Jenny Sandberg, marketing and events manager at Venture Cup Syd

The winning judge: Martin Pråme

Photo: Mathilda Thudin

Martin Pråme had these words for his great efforts at this seasons’ Venture Cup

As many of you know, the Venture Cup is more than a competition.

All who dare to test their ideas are winners in our eyes, not only the 8 best that we meet here today. When you take part in the Venture Cup, you get written feedback on your ideas from people who have an eye on the situation and know what the next step should be.

It’s no easy job to tell which judge played it best each year, but we do it anyway.

The person in question has wise words, practical advice and a concrete analysis of the submitted business ideas’ strengths and weaknesses, the skills to guiding the entrepreneurs forward on the journey towards the dream of realization.

Should you dare to continue if no one is watching you back or coaching you forward? Of course, when help comes in the form of prying questions and concerns, sharp glances and large doses of encouragement. That’s what makes the judge the team’s best feedback-giver: That’s what made Martin Pråme this year’s best judge!!

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