Design is important in every business!

Design should be of top priority for any management. Design is a key for corporate strategy  because it is what the client experiences when using a company’s product. That is the confident announcement from Christian Bason, CEO at Danish Design Center in yesterday’s Børsen (read article here, in Danish)

“We have to make sure that the company’s product is thought through in every single piece of the process”

Christian Bason says, who’s internationally well-known for his longtime engagement in developing and spreading design-thinking in both the private and public sector.

New ways of design – with focus on strategy, business models, and user driven services could create more  growth, more jobs, and better welfare in Denmark. These benefits for the Danish society are what Christian  was is aiming for, when he started at Danish Design Center in October 2014

Meeting the man with the visions

This Friday, Henrik Jeppesen, CEO at Attention, has invited Christian Bason to a congrats-on-the-new-job-meeting at our studio. A meeting where the importance of ensuring qualified design consultancies,- especially for companies, who are unfamiliar with design-thinking, will be on the program.

Chr. Bason, CEO at Danish Design Center and Henrik Jeppesen CEO at Attention will meet on Friday

 “The only way, we can ensure the goals that Christian Bason outlines, is by making design consultancies such as ours, more visible and demanded by companies not working with design already ”

Henrik Jeppesen says.

“We are interested in hearing what a design organization like Danish Design Center is planning to do, to convince the companies, who still don’t think of design as an important competitive factor.” 

 Designing smart products

One thing the Danish Design Center is doing, together with DELTA, is inviting companies with little or no knowledge on designing smart products, to come together with companies that know a lot about exactly that.

Here they will have hands-on master classes on design processes, materials, rapid prototyping and visual communication and there will be studio visits to leading creative-hubs in Copenhagen.

Attention is working together with the Danish Design Center and DELTA on the three-day conference which takes place 20th-22nd of April, under the name: Design Smart Products.
We are hoping that the conference will be an eye opener for many of the guests on how important design actually is.

Tickets for the conference can be purchased here.

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