A product development company needs to be international!

On Thursday April the 9th, 15 young talents from several different countries visited Attention for a meeting on export markets and cultural understanding as part of the program Go International.

Henrik Jeppesen lectured about attention and the challenges we’re are facing regarding working internationally. The atmosphere was good and the students were enthusiastic.

After the presentation, the guests were asked to group up and present a way for Attention to enter different export markets. Two groups chose Germany and one Japan.

“It is great to gather so many different people and so much potential at the same time!” was Henrik’s instant response after the presentations. “They showed a great understanding for our barriers and gave us interesting insights on how they would approach the export challenges, we’re meeting” an excited Henrik explained.

Henrik Jeppesen introduce’s Attention to the Go International-students


Attention wants to go global
When Henrik Jeppesen, CEO at Attention, agreed to be part of the project Go International 2015-16, there were two main reasons: he wanted the best people working for him, no matter where in the world they come from, and he wanted to move Attention forward to new export markets.
Go International melts young, foreign talents together with 40 small and medium sized companies in Denmark. All of the project’s young talents already have a connection to Denmark through their education.
“It makes everything much easier, that they are already engaged in Denmark” Henrik explained. “It means they know how to get their permits cleared, and that makes it a lot easier for us to hire people especially from outside EU” .


The program could help Attention to enter German markets
The young talents know in-depth about export markets due to their education and back ground, but they also have an extensive knowledge of the different markets and cultures. That makes them valued candidates for companies like Attention.

“Germany is just around the corner, and we are not there just yet, so that’s very relevant. Naturally it would be beneficial to have a person employed that knows German language and culture” Henrik remarked.

“A company like Attention needs to be international. Even our clients like Coloplast and Mærsk primarily have international customers, so the better knowledge we have on the markets they are in, the better product we are able to deliver “ 

Groups were coached by Henrik Jeppesen on the challenges facing Attention in a global market place

Go International is a Copenhagen Capacity-program funded by The Danish Industry Fond.
The program has already been tested in Sweden, where it was a huge success.

Read more about the program here (in Danish).
Read an article in Borsen on the same topic here.

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