From Crowdfunding to International Award Winning Design

The Danish company Vaavud contacted Attention, after their successful crowdfunding campaign, looking for help to create a new wind-meter design. And now the Sleipnir has won the prestigious Red Dot Award!

The successful Kickstarter campaign made it all possible.

How to Realize Your Idea by Sharing It

Entrepreneurs around the world can identify with the frustration of having an idea, but not having the funds or network to realize it. Too many new ideas and projects fail to be realized because of these common issues. is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects, which aims to help entrepreneurs raise the funds needed to back their project. In addition to that, Kickstarter can really benefit start-ups in terms of free advertising, awareness, and networking. The Kickstarter platform draws a lot of attention from established product development companies like Attention, who are looking for potential collaborations.

Making DKK 100.000 in Just Two Days!  140908_sleipnir_grayj

The days of secrecy and mystery cloaking innovative projects and ideas are over. If you want to attract the funds and attention you have to shout it out loud and the digital channels provide the perfect megaphone.

The Danish company Vaavud produces portable wind-meters, fully adaptable with modern smartphones. The company started its success on Kickstarter and Vaavud is a great example of how crowdfunding can benifit startup ventures.

Vaavud launched their second Kickstarter campaign in July 2014 and reached 50% of their target in just two days! 10 days later the target of about DKK 200.000,00 was reached. When the Vaavud Kickstarter campaign finished 1,049 backers had raised DKK 431.807,00 for the new Sleipnir wind meter.

Getting the Right People on Your Team

The Kickstarter platform enabled Vaavud to collaborate with Attention, who were able to produce a product that united functionality with innovative design. This collaboration shortened the project’s ‘time to market’, keeping the Kickstarter backers happy, and preserved the high quality of the product while maintaining functionality.

 “Without the Kickstarter platform all this could not have been possible. It is exciting and rewarding to work with entrepreneurial projects and we will keep monitoring Kickstarter campaigns to spot the next big thing that could use our expertise.”

Attention® creating tomorrow’s products

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