The difficult job of making a bone anchored hearing aid look great!

Martin Pråme, Innovation Director at Attention

Martin Pråme, Innovation Director at Attention is the sharp head behind the new design of the bone anchored Baha 5 Sound Processor.

Martin says that the design has come to life together with the engineers from Cochlear in a long process with research in Sweden, UK and the USA involving many meetings and workshops with doctors, audiologists and hearing-impaired people.

It became clear early on in the project, that size and the feeling of having a large thing attached to the head, was a major barrier for many prospective users. So they worked on making the Baha 5 smaller, while at the same time not sacrificing any of the performance of earlier Baha-models.

But they also worked on perception – on how to make the Baha 5 look smaller by carefully adjusting each surface and edge and by using new colors to make the device blend into each user’s hair as much as possible.

The result is pretty amazing – a sound processor for hearing-impaired that actually looks and feel beautiful.

See the presentation video here:

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