Todays mission: Get in the water to test the safety-ladder, we made for Trygfonden

Yesterday it was time for our quartely test of the safety ladder prototype, we made for Trygfonden.

Alistair, Sofie and Jonas from Attention went to Rungsted Harbor, where one of our prototypes has been freezing in the cold harbor water all winter long. Even though the weather was very windy – nearly storming, we had the nice company of the architects behind the ladder Lars Techt Myrhøj and Stefan Urup Kaplan and even the clients from Trygfonden.

Helen Witt Qvist from Trygfonden climbing the safety ladder
 No worries – it was doing fine!

The rescue ladder had not been affected by the Danish winter and everything was tested as expected!

The quality of the ladder is of the highest priority, so engineers and designers from Attention will continue testing for another year. Making sure the ladder meets every expectation set, so people can feel safe in the Danish harbors, where the ladders according to the plan will be placed after the test period.

If you like checking out people in cold water, don’t miss our video of the first testing– the weather was a bit nicer and together with the fresh winter bathers of Det Kolde Gys on Amager, we had a lot of fun!

Read the Trygfondens note on the safety ladder here (In Danish)

Read what the news paper Politiken wrote here (In Danish)



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