Router design presented in Vegas

The CES 2015 fair has kicked off in Las Vegas, with the crème de la crème of  the world’s leading technology manufactures showing-off their latest cutting edge products.

For the 2nd year in a row, Attention has a number of designs that are being released at this exciting and colorful trade fair.  We are proud to see our newest router design the TP-Link Archer C2600 presented for the first time to the public.


It was a creative and interesting process, which lead to the final design of the TP-Link Archer C2600. TP-link wanted to create a big brother to the successful Archer D7, with a faster internal engine. This latest top of the range router embodies the latest and fastest wireless technology, with four antennas for an increased coverage for multiple computers, surrounded by an elegant modern design.


The design eliminates cluttered and confusing lines by using facets that flow round the equator of the softly shaped body.  The surface finish was chosen to give a sublime contrast on the top surface creating a central axis and symmetry.  This detail gives a subtle focal point around the user interaction point placed top dead center. The cooling holes fading pattern gives a perspective and depth over the top surface moving rearwards, allowing the antenna to rise on the horizon, creating a sence of robustness and strength.

TP-link hope to have the Archer C2600 on the market in Q3 of 2015.

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