Think Big

New ideas that are unlocking possibilities for the future

Just as the mix of disciplines and experience at Attention produces innovative solutions for our clients, similar things are happening all over the world in fields such as electronics, medicine, and energy.

Experimental technologies and ideas that result from combining expertise are popping up so fast that the content of this blog post was almost yesterday’s news before I even finished writing it.

The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.

[Chinese saying].

Although many of the following ideas are still concepts, they are successful in challenging conventional methods of thinking and doing:

Bio LED Trees

Taiwanese scientists at the Research Center for Applied Sciences at the Acedemia Sinca in Taiwan have infused the leaves of the Bacopa caroliniana with gold nano-particles, causing the chlorophyll to produce a red colored luminescence. A possible application of this bio-LED invention, could be to make roadside trees luminescent at night. This would both save energy and absorb CO2 – as the bio led luminescence causes the chloroplast to conduct photosynthesis.

Edible Electronics

Two years ago, scientists at the University of Illinois created implantable electronics on silk substrates that could dissolve inside the body.  This year, they unveiled ‘bioresorbable’ batteries that can power these electronics! This invention will change the world of medical implants, which were previously considered a relatively permanent solution that, more-often-than-not, required surgery for implant removal. Now, biomedical devices may be able to dissolve in your body after a certain amount of time – or after they finish providing their intended medical treatment. Right now, these batteries can only last a day, but they are working to extend the lifetime to open up many more opportunities.

Bioresorbable Battery
Bioresorbable Battery

Dynamic Architecture

If you are wondering what the future of architecture might look like, think dynamic: moving buildings that are self-powered, smart, and sustainable.  The company Dynamic Architecture, whom designed the building in the above featured picture, has project designs for buildings in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Chicago, Miami, Shanghai, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, and of course, Dubai. Check out their website for some mind-blowing videos and conceptual explanations of the so called future-era of Dynamic Living.

Dynamic Architecture
Dynamic Architecture

3D Bio-Printing 

By now, almost everyone is aware of 3D printing technology and understands that this ‘new’ production method enables industry and individuals to push the boundaries of design and engineering. Something less-widely publicized and known, are the breakthroughs in the biomedical applications of 3D printing technology. The end goal within the medical industry would be the ability to build human tissues for surgical therapy and transplantation. Imagine, 3D printing a heart, or new skin for new burn victims.

Current bio-printed cells already act just like the multi-cellular tissues found within a human. They are highly dynamic, dividing and maturing, integrating into the tissue and forming connections with surrounding cells. Companies such as organovo are already producing 3D tissue models for research and drug discovery application!

3D Printed Liver Cells
3D Printed Liver Cells

This list of new innovations is far from finished; there are amazing collaborations happening all over the world in every field imaginable. If there is something great happening out there that you think Attention should know about, or could help develop, send us an email, we are always interested!

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  1. Inspired and share ideas , great ):-) !!! I think we will make this . And every morning sun rises with new ideas even ice is frozen in a project…. cool blog . message is think big ….

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