Attention in the Design Magazine “Lys”.

Attention’s work with Trygfonden’s rescue ladder, to be installed in the Danish harbors, is featured in the Norwegian design magazine, “Lys”, issue 03/2014.

The article emphasizes the ladders’ solar panel system, which improves the users’ ability to detect them at night – an observed problem with the current rescue ladders.

Right now, the first prototype of the ladder is being tested on Papirøen in Copenhagen. Last Sunday we had 20 volunteers testing it from the winter bathing club “Det kolde gys”. The morning of testing was a successful event and lead to some interesting observations and inputs for the coming prototypes, which will be hung and tested at other locations. More news to come on that very soon!


The 20 brave volunteers swam 20m in the cold water of Copenhagen harbor in their normal clothes. We had a good mix of volunteers with the oldest and bravest being 69 years old.  They were watched by the 2 water-based life guards that were on standby throughout the exercise.


Two feet in place on the ladder and no slipping, despite 3 months of marine growth on the GRP rungs.  All 20 volunteers made it up the ladder and safely onto the dock side for a well earned cup of coffee and danish pastry!

To get more information, please go to, or

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