Summer Party

Dinner in the Garden

The other week, we left our offices and took to the woods of Sweden for a day of fun in the sun. The weather was great (except for the apocalyptic thunderstorm that hit us at one point) and we engaged in some friendly competition throughout the day in a number of events. Some struggled with finding a way to play left-handed golf with a right-handed club, while others argued over the correct pronunciation of lasso (“lass-oh!” vs. “lass-ooo…”). We ate and drank like royals and enjoyed each other’s company and the beautiful surroundings (minus the giant ant hill some of us had to traverse). Most memorable, though, was probably the firing of orange cannons across a lake. The perfect mix of engineering ingenuity and a complete disregard for personal safety made for an exhilarating time that will stay in the collective Attention memory for a long time. See video below and have a great summer!

Kyle Shooting a Gun  In the forest Sofie Caught a Fish Attention on the Way to the Forest Mette and Niels