Vaavud Kickstarter Release!

Vaavud Kickstarter Wind Meter V 2.0

While most of our project are kept under wraps and only see the light of day months, or maybe years, after our work is done, Kickstarter is starting to change that. As more and more products are realised used crowd sourced funds, the chronology of development, manufacturing, marketing and release is turned on its head. We are thrilled to announce that one of our current ongoing projects is already catching eyes and drawing attention.

Vaavud Prototype

The Vaavud Wind Meter V 2.0 is the follow-up to the wildly successful wind metering device for smartphones that Vaavud launched (using Kickstarter) last summer. Through ingenious techniques and great determination, the Vaavud development team has managed to add wind direction detection to the devices list of features. What seems to be caused by magic (there is no vane or other physical feature to determine the direction) is a case of carefully designed signal processing algorithms that allow the inconspicuous and pocket friendly gadget to deliver precise and accurate data on wind speed and direction.

Vaavud Wind Meter V 2.0

The Kickstarter launch was celebrated with a party at the Vaavud HQ with competitions, food and cold drinks (and lots of fans, as you would expect from a company that does what Vaavud does…) to fight the sweltering Copenhagen summer.

Vaavud Release Party for the Kickstarter campaign of the Wind Meter V 2.0

Make sure to visit the Kickstarter Campaign and Vaavud (and their Facebook page) and get your Wind Meter V 2.0 while they are hot!

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