Practising what we Preach

When moving offices, the move itself is only the first part!

After that comes a ton of decisions about interior design style, furniture, use of different spaces, signs, lighting, storage, etc. We thought the best way to tackle the job was to practice what we preach and to let everyone contribute. For that reason, the coming weeks will see a series of internal design challenges, where we all contribute with ideas for how the office should function and look. We will have brainstorming sessions, presentations, structured concept selection processes and workshop-style voting with stickers and post-its.

This weeks challenge; signs and way-finding around the entrance area. Seemingly easy, but made complex by our need to balance a welcoming and open feel with the strict need for confidentiality. Anyway, the process is underway, and the winner will be implemented ASAP. Come by and visit us, to see our the exciting result!

Decision-time bild Kendra-Pesenting

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