How we recruit: Talent and spirit

SophieThe results we achieve are the products of the good heads we put to work on a challenge. The magic we create is in many ways an entirely logical effect of hard and systematic work by the right mix of talents. And our success is as such largely dependent on the people we recruit.

This realization has been central for us from the beginning of Attention. This is why  we are very particular about who we employ and also why we love to involve our people as much as possible in the company.

To us, these central qualities go into making the right employee:

First and foremost: Attitude and initiative. We love people who love to solve problems and learn new things. No one knows everything from the beginning, but if your attitude is to find a way, there is nothing you can’t solve.


Of course: Talent and skill. The right skill-set is of course a requirement, but the rest of the qualities listed are what separate the right candidate from the wrong.

Commitment. There is something very special about people who feel responsible for more than just their particular area. We recognize the best people by their ability to look up and help out where needed – they are the ones you do not need to ask and they also tend to be the ones who show the most initiative and ability to think for themselves.

Brain Storm

Loyalty. We have the greatest respect for designers and engineers who have to leave out work from their portfolio because they honor confidentiality issues or remember to credit team members. Those who only promote themselves do not deserve a place on our team..

And most importantly: Kindness. People who are nice to others – receptionist or CEO – that build relations and connect with clients and colleagues alike. This is how we create results. It is paramount that everyone who represents us shows respect and interest towards others, because we know that this is how we create solutions that bridge gaps between company and market; doctor and patient; engineer and designer. We always pay particular attention to our candidates’ manners – especially towards those of seemingly less influence.


If you dream of joining us, please head over to the job page on our website. Don’t forget to check out how and where to apply before you start sending your application on its way.

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