Attention’s Blog Goes Live

Today we celebrate the release of Attention’s blog – an open space where we will share our creativity, inspiration, ideas and news.  This new platform represents one more step in our continuous journey towards building one of Europe’s leading creative and innovative companies.


Attention was formed in the summer of 2011 by a team of dynamic designers, engineers, production engineers and architects whose drive in life is to be the best in their field. The Attention team has firm roots in Scandinavia’s industrial design history as well as a talented palette of international employees giving a colourful creative flair to the group.

Attention’s Managing Director – Henrik Jeppesen has led many industrial design and production projects since his start in the early 80’s and is a highly respected figure on the international design scene. His time as owner and Managing Director at CBD has allowed him to become one of the most experienced men in this field and the perfect figurehead for Attention.


The last three years have been a memorable and challenging time from our humble beginnings in a tiny office in Adelgade to our pending “Big Move” to Store Strandstræde. We have travelled and experienced many cultures enjoying China, Great Britain, Taiwan, America, the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Germany and Luxemburg. We have designed routers, hydraulic pumps, cranes, vacuum cleaners, medical equipment, shop interiors, beverage equipment, home insulation solutions, gardening and rescue equipment to name but a few of our exciting projects.  Our production team has put four new products into production and produced just short of 1,000,000 moulded parts.

office fun

At Attention we strive to create a free environment where our employees’ passion for their craft can be embraced and cultivated leading to unique solutions, exciting products and unsurpassed user experiences.  Our team has grown from the original nine founders to a talented crew of twenty-three.


Turning dreams into reality is our desire and passion.  In 2011 our hearts were therefore warmed when our router design for Cisco won an internationally acclaimed Red Dot Award.  Not long after we celebrated when our vacuum cleaner design for Nilfisk picked up two industry innovation awards beating off their nearest rivals.

We hope that you will join us on our adventure and that you will let our talented team entertain you with their passionate views on everything creative!

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