3D Printing a House?

The future is looking bright for the 3D printing world.  The University of California is looking into printing buildings using contour crafting, a technique used to lay concrete that allows vertical walls to be built.  Who knows what new possibilities this could unlock! Maybe a second printer material here could place insulation material allowing for energy efficient homes to be printed. New organic forms could be created, roofs and walls as one; we will only be limited by our imagination.


Source :- http://www.psfk.com/2014/01/concrete-3d-printer.html#!sfmJ0

Maybe this technology is not as far in the future as you think! Inventor Enrico Dini has created this 6x6m printer that prints concrete.  This has already produced sculptures that would be very difficult to make using current methods.


Source:- http://www.konstructs.com/dshape-huge-3d-printer-that-prints-sculptures-with-sand/

Are we going to see a trend of more organic shaped houses as we are released from the grips of current production methods? The future looks exciting!


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